Vegan Mixed Potato Bake

20 Minutes

8 Servings


Growing up I rarely ate ‘traditional potato bake,’ I was a fussy eater. I didn’t like dairy so never ate sour cream or melted cheese, plus I didn’t eat ham or bacon often used.

This is my more modern take on a classic. I’m not vegan but like to experiment with recipes due to the ever growing number of people with food intolerances. This potato bake is made with a mix of both white 🥔 & orange sweet potatoes 🍠 Once cooked a cooled potatoes become a great source of resistant starch. A type of fibre which feeds the ‘good’ bacteria in your gut, increasing the production of butyrate, an important short chain fatty acid your cells use to generate energy. Resistant starch can aid digestive disorder including constipation & diarrhoea as well as having positive metabolic effects via increasing insulin sensitivity & lowering blood sugar.

Instead of using layers of cream & cheese I made a #vegan cheese sauce by steaming some cauliflower florets & blending them with seam nutritional yeast, garlic powder, 🍋 zest & seasoning then layered them with chopped fresh herbs 🌿 from my garden including dill, thyme, oregano, rosemary & parsley to give the dish an amazing aroma & medicinal boost 👊

This dish can be made ahead of time & reheated or served a room temperature. Perfect for any long weekend bbq’s coming 🆙

Vegan Mixed Potato Bake


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