Potato & Leek Soup

35 Minutes

2 Servings


Leeks are part of the #allium family which also includes other varieties of onions & garlic praised for their positive effect on cardiovascular health. The flavour of leek is less intense than other types of onion & becomes sweet when slowly sautéed. A little tip is that instead of removing them completely from your veggie garden cut down to the base & the plant will re-grow!⁠

The humble potato sometimes gets overlooked nowadays in preference for sweet potato or pumpkin however is pair perfectly with leek in this classic combination.⁠
I added a boost of flavour by topping the soup with salsa verde made from dill, basil & parsley from our herb patch, frying some mushies until crispy & adding some dry roasted sunflower seeds for a yummy crunch & added nutrient profile. ⁠

Potato & Leek Soup


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