Papaya Protein Smoothie

15 Minutes

4 Servings


This #protein smoothie is an #antiinflammatory powerhouse!

Packed with ⬇️⁠
~ papaya - can help relieve bloating, aid in eliminating waste 💩 thanx to the papain digestive enzyme & high fibre content ⁠
~ a frozen banana 🍌 - high in potassium, makes the smoothie nice & creamy⁠
~ Maca powder - also known as Peruvian ginseng, shown to enhance libido, energy & stamina 😉⁠
~ fresh turmeric root - anti-inflammatory superfood perfect for pain relief for PMS & endometriosis⁠
~ true cinnamon - shown to help regulate blood sugar levels ⚖️⁠
~ a scoop of vanilla #collagen protein powder - to help rebuild, repair & strengthen your gut lining, hair skin & nails 💅⁠
~ coconut 🥥 water - great post workout electrolyte saviour⁠

YUM! ⁠

Papaya Protein Smoothie


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