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Special Interests

Female Reproductive Disorders & Fertility

Stress Management & Sleep Disorders

Gastrointestinal Issues & Digestive Wellness

Endocrine Disorders including Thyroid Heath

Whole food Diet & Detoxification

Healthy cooking & Meal Planning

Pelvic Girdle & TMJ Dysfunction


Bachelor Health Science Nutritional Medicine & Dietetics (BHSc NutDMed)

Diploma Remedial Massage (HLT50307)

& Spa Therapy

Advanced Neurostructural Integration Technique, (NST) Bowen Therapy

The Essential TMJ

My Story


Firstly, THANK YOU for taking the time for visit!


A bit about me… I’m a Nutritionist (BHSc NutDMed) & qualified Remedial Massage, Spa & Bowen Therapist offering over 10 years of experience within the natural health industry.


I’m passionate about all things food! Growing, buying, preparing, cooking, eating & (usually) sharing! But most importantly using food as a first-line medicine alongside holistic treatments to nurture the body, encourage self-healing & soothe the mind.


This website is designed for you to explore, learn & share with your loved ones.


My BLOG is a space where you can learn a bit about me, my experiences & inspirations, discover lifestyle & environmental tips and give you some food for thought.


My RECIPES are designed to be fun, wholesome & healthy, stimulate all the senses & encourage you to expand your inner chef repertoire.


Everyone is individual. Your likes, dislikes, tastes, experiences & symptoms are all unique, therefore your treatment will be just that, individual.


I believe we should aim for a balanced intake of nutritious whole foods, that is consume foods of all colours on a daily basis. Don’t get caught up in the latest fads or diet trends, but allow yourself to enjoy food and the joy it brings.


Enjoy your stay x